With the amount of use that any point of sale equipment receives, it is no surprise that it will eventually require maintenance and repair.

Many of the common issues that happen with POS equipment can be repaired. Instead of throwing the equipment out, it makes sense to determine if the machine may be able to be repaired by getting in touch with a POS repair shop and asking if it is possible to get the equipment back in working order.

Steps to determine if the repair is worth it

  1. Call the POS Repair Shop and talk to a friendly expert (724-800-0089), or send us an email
  2. They will let you know if the item can be repaired, or if it might be better to purchase a new item.
  3. We may be able to also exchange the part and get a new one out right away, for minimal downtime.

There is no real secret to determine if the pos machine is worth repairing or not. Leave it to the professionals and go back to focusing on your business!